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1 smart fork (head + stainless steel handle + electronic key + battery) + 1 matching knife
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Eat more slowly: Learn to eat better to digest better, and limit the risk of long-term weight gain.

The coach fork (or spoon) detects when you put your food in your mouth too quickly, and discreetly warns you. Effortlessly and pleasantly, you will learn to eat less, chew better, thus digest your food better and enjoy your meals better.

How it works ? When the cutlery head detects contact with the mouth, a computer checks the time elapsed since the previous bite. >> Learn more

Why it works ? Because eating is an automatism of childhood, and changing this automatism on your own is almost impossible. >> Learn more

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  • Guarantee

    The Slow Control fork is guaranteed for 1 year.
    Santinov Laboratories cannot accept any warranty claim in the event of damage or defects caused by the use or treatment of the product in a manner that is contrary to the recommendations of the user guide available at the link above.


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