The advantages of subscription packages

You can take your supplementation without interruption and without worrying about the replenishment of your products.


  • You benefit from a significant discount.
  • We offer you the shipping costs.
  • This saves a lot of money compared to a box-by-box order.

Subscription offers in food supplements after obesity surgery are available for: SURGILINE® Tablets and SURGILINE® Sachets

If you wish to have your SANTINOV product range (s) delivered to you, in addition to your usual subscription, it will be sent to you without additional shipping costs when you complete your order at least 8 days before the usual date of shipment.

The principles of the subscription

  • The subscription is a program that you can subscribe to automatically receive, each quarter, your SURGILINE® food supplements by SANTINOV laboratories.
  • Once the subscription is completed, you do not need to re-order a new order each quarter, it is automatic.
  • Delivery is exactly what you need in the quarter.
  • You are engaged over a period of 12 months, 4 deliveries.
  • Beyond the minimum 12 month contract commitment period, your subscription will continue until you cancel it. (See the modalities below)

Setting up the online subscription

  • Just go to the product page corresponding to your needs, using the links above, or on our online store page by clicking on the desired product and selecting the" subscription "option. purchase as for a classic order.
  • Your first delivery will occur within one week of receiving your subscription order.
  • You can also choose to subscribe by mail by downloading the subscription form from the following link "subscription by mail" (link to page subscription by mail)
  • The date of the first shipment serves as a calculation for the dates of subsequent shipments that will be posted every 3 months. Example: 1st delivery on 10/04, the following deliveries will be the 10/07, the 10/10, the 10/01 ... (approximate dates according to calendar)

Payment of your subscription

  • The payment of the subscription is done quarterly, before each sending, by deduction on your credit card of which you have entered the numbers in your online account.
  • Your order will only be shipped after payment.
  • In the event of a payment incident, the subscription will be suspended.
  • Without immediate regularization or in case of repeated incidents, the subscription program may be canceled by SANTINOV laboratories.

Products refused, returned

  • In the event of a change of name, address, bank details, telephone number or email address, we would be grateful if you would notify us by email or telephone, so that we can modify your data in our files before shipping your automatic order.
  • If a delivery is refused for any reason, or if it is returned to our warehouses, SANTINOV Laboratories reserves the right to charge a return shipping fee for a second delivery.
  • In case of regular delivery incidents, the subscription program may be canceled.

Items out of stock

  • All items out of stock will be reshipped as soon as they are available.
  • SANTINOV Laboratories can not be held to any compensation of any kind as a result of this possible break.

Cancellation of the subscription

  • Beyond the 12-month contractual commitment period, you are free to cancel your subscription program by writing to SANTINOV Laboratories (by mail or email) at the address below, at least 4 weeks before the scheduled date of your next shipment. In case of reception of your cancellation within a period of less than 4 weeks before the date of your next shipment, the withdrawal and the latter shipment will be made, then your subscription terminated. or SANTINOV Laboratories 54 route de Brignais 69630 CHAPONOST.