What are the specificities of the FORTILINE protein powder?

It is perfectly adapted to your new split feeding mode. with quick digestion (Whey Isolate), it allows you to enrich each of your meals, without overloading your digestive system for long hours. In order not to alter the taste of your food, it is perfectly neutral in taste, unlike some other powders called "neutral flavor", And finally, it has a great solubility that allows you to multiply the recipes and catches.

Can I cook my dishes with FORTILINE?

No. FORTILINE should not be boiled. But you can perfectly mix FORTILINE in your hot preparations after cooking.

Why should you take protein after a sleeve or a bypass?

Along with carbohydrates and fats, proteins are one of three major families of macronutrients. Essential to the body, they play a role at the muscular and a role cutaneous and functional (involved in many processes). After bariatric surgery, the most dangerous in the short term is the decrease in lean (muscular) mass If the protein intake is insufficient, weight loss starts with lean (muscular) mass before fat.

For how long should I take protein after my bariatric surgery?

It is your doctor who can specify it according to your diet and your need. But you can easily understand that this intake is necessary as long as you can not eat the 60gr of daily protein needed. (A 100gr steak = 20 gr of protein)

In what type of dish can I mix FORTILINE?

The high solubility of FORTILINE and its true neutral taste allow mixing in many sweet or salty preparations. You can mix it in purees, soups, salads, vegetables, compotes, yogurt, fruit salad, cold or hot drinks.

I am already taking a casein protein powder. What is the difference with FORTILINE?

FORTILINE is produced by microfiltration (without chemicals) based on Whey Isolate. This source of protein has the distinction of being fast digestion (less than 2 hours), unlike casein which is slow digestion (about 7 hours). Your food intake being split, this allows you to complete all your meals, without working your digestive system permanently.