Created in 2007, SANTINOV Laboratories are specialized in the nutritional support of people who have undergone an obesity surgery.

At the request of bariatric surgeons, anxious to have a simple and complete solution to cover the deficiencies of their patients after surgery of obesity, we first conceived SURGILINE, a specific multivitamins product, adapted to the needs of bariatrics patients. Since then we have specialized in the development of technical food supplements, meeting specific needs.

We develop short and targeted product lines adapted to the target population. Our actions are not guided by marketing, but by the search for effectiveness of the product. This efficiency is our best argument.

It is not enough to put a little of all kinds of vitamins, minerals or other trace elements to make an effective product, nor to push the dosages strongly with any source of ingredients.

The effectiveness of our food supplements comes from the quality of the ingredients we have selected and the interaction they have with each other.

We worked so that these ingredients allow the best possible assimilation and the greatest possible tolerance.

Our food supplements are developed, manufactured and controlled in France.

A complete range

For the accompaniment of the obese people operated of a sleeve, a bypass or the installation of a gastric band:

We accompany you in all the nutritional stages of your bariatric surgery operation:

Before the procedure, to prepare your body well, accelerate healing and facilitate the surgeon's action.

After the intervention, fighting against potential deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, proteins with specifically developed products.

Our range of food supplements dedicated to obesity surgery, also called bariatric surgery, consists of the following products:

VEGESTART: an Oral, HighProtein and Normo Caloric Nutritional Supplement usable preoperatively to prepare for the procedure, to reduce the liver (hepatomegaly) and the abdominal fat. Can also be used after bariatric surgery as a protein supplement.

SURGILINE: vitamins and minerals supplementation + magnesium supplementation. Very well tolerated product and specifically dosed for people operated on for obesity surgery.

FORTILINE: a tasteless and highly dispersible protein powder with fast digestion, particularly suitable for people with close food intakes.

HELY-CUT: a composition of cranberry and prebiotics allowing the stimulation of the intestinal flora which was damaged by the surgical intervention

The whole range of SANTINOV food supplements is suitable for different types of obesity surgeries. Depending on whether you have a sleeve, a bypass or have a gastric band, the duration of your supplementation will vary.