Delivery and payments

How soon will I receive my package?

Orders placed until 3 p.m. are dispatched the same day. Then count from 3 to 5 days for the reception.

How can I pay for my order?

Most payment methods are accepted. The order will only be shipped upon receipt of payment. The simplest and fastest is the payment by credit card on our website.

SURGILINE - Post-bariatric contributions

How big are Surgiline tablets?

SURGILINE tablets are small white tablets ; a little smaller than a 500mg doliprane.

How to take SURGILINE sachets otherwise than in water?

You can try mixing it in a yogurt or a compote.

What is the difference between SURGILINE Tablets and SURGILINE Sachets?

The composition, and therefore the daily contributions are the same. Only the shape changes, and the number of take. SURGILINE Tablets: 2 tablets daily SURGILINE Sachets: 1 sachet per day

What is the difference between Surgiline and a general food supplement?

SURGILINE has been developed especially for people who have undergone obesity surgery. It is strongly dosed on the ingredients whose deficiencies are recognized after this type of intervention. In addition, a lot of work has been done on the assimilation of its components. SURGILINE is not just intended to cover a single stroke of fatigue but to allow the body to find the nutrients it lacks after surgery for obesity.

Bypass - How long should I take my vitamins?

The French Health authority (HAS) recommends long-term supplementation after this type of intervention. A bypass is a malabsorptive procedure that runs through part of the intestine where nutrients are usually highly assimilated. Complementation is, at least, several years.

Sleeve - how long should I take my vitamins?

Unlike the bypass, the sleeve is a restrictive intervention. The nutrients continue to be absorbed but the doses of ingested foods being so reduced, a complementation remains necessary. The use is at least a year (during the period of great weight loss) see more according to your checkups.

Why do I lose my hairs after my sleeve (my bypass)?

You lose your hairs or have brittle nails because you are probably deficient in vitamins and minerals, but also maybe in proteins whose role is essential for a very large number of operations in your body. Proteins reinforce the assimilation of vitamins and maintain your muscle mass.

What happens if I do not take my post-bariatric supplementation?

You will be defective and, beyond hair loss or brittle nails as mentioned above, you expose yourself to much more serious complications. Once the deficiencies are installed your body will have a lot more trouble finding a balance. The first symptoms are permanent fatigue, irritability, hair loss, brittle nails, an ugly skin ... after this stage you risk getting into the real difficulties

My postoperative checkups are good, can I stop my complementation SURGILINE?

You have benefited from a sleeve gastrectomy, and you have been operated for less than 12 months, we strongly advise you, like most medical-surgical teams, to continue taking your complement SURGILINE. You have had a sleeve gastrectomy, and you have had surgery for more than 12 months, only a member of the medical-surgical team who follows you can answer this question. You have benefited from a Bypass or other malabsorptive intervention, it is thanks to your supplementation if your balance sheets are good. The HAS (High Authority of Health) recommends after malabsorptive surgery complementation at least several years, see for life.

I do not have Magnesium deficiencies. What is the use of Magnesium in SURGILINE?

First, even if you are not deficient in Magnesium, you should know that 75% of the population has insufficient daily intake of Magnesium. This latter plays a role in more than 300 physicochemical reactions in the body, and as far as the obesity surgery is concerned, it plays a key role in: - The assimilation of vitamin D, of which he is the cofactor. - It contributes to the maintenance of a normal bone structure, by regulating the bone mineral density. - It contributes to normal psychological functions, this being essential with the changes that take place in your life and your body. - It participates in the synergy of action between the different vitamins and minerals present in SURGILINE, to improve its effectiveness.

What are Bisglycinates?

In SURGILINE, Iron and Zinc, 2 indispensable minerals, are in the form of Bisglycinates. These are minerals associated with an amino acid (Glycine). These complexes (or chelates) use the amino acid absorption pathway - proteins - for their assimilation. They offer a better assimilation and a better digestive tolerance than other forms of minerals.

When should I take SURGILINE during the day?

We advise you to take the 2 tablets during or after your breakfast, or 1 tablet at this time and 1 tablet at noon with your lunch.

What if I feel discomfort when taking SURGILINE?

This is very exceptional, but can happen. We strongly advise separate intake, 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet at noon, and for both taken, after eating. If these symptoms persist, do not hesitate to call us on +33 (0) 4 81 65 35 30

Where can I find SURGILINE elsewhere than on the website?

SURGILINE is also available in pharmacies.


When can I cancel my subscription?

The subscription SURGILINE was conceived because you need to complement you during at least 12 months according to the type of intervention which you benefited. After this initial period of 12 months, or 4 packages, you can cancel your subscription by notifying us at least 4 weeks before sending your next package.

How can I cancel my subscription?

After the initial period of 12 months, 4 parcels, By simple mail to or by simple mail to SANTINOV Laboratories - 54, Route de Brignais - 69630 CHAPONOST. Upon receipt, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

For my subscription to SURGILINE, when will I be debited ?

If you opt for the subscription by internet with payment by credit card, you will be debited on average between 24 to 72 hours before sending your quarterly package.

I have boxes of SURGILINE in advance. Can I suspend my shipments?

Of course. Even if this should not happen if you correctly follow your complementation, we remain flexible in this area. You can then call us to suspend your subscription the time of a shipment, then the automatic deliveries will resume.

FORTILINE - Protein powder

What are the specificities of the FORTILINE protein powder?

It is perfectly adapted to your new split feeding mode. with quick digestion (Whey Isolate), it allows you to enrich each of your meals, without overloading your digestive system for long hours. In order not to alter the taste of your food, it is perfectly neutral in taste, unlike some other powders called "neutral flavor", And finally, it has a great solubility that allows you to multiply the recipes and catches.

Can I cook my dishes with FORTILINE?

No. FORTILINE should not be boiled. But you can perfectly mix FORTILINE in your hot preparations after cooking.

Why should you take protein after a sleeve or a bypass?

Along with carbohydrates and fats, proteins are one of three major families of macronutrients. Essential to the body, they play a role at the muscular and a role cutaneous and functional (involved in many processes). After bariatric surgery, the most dangerous in the short term is the decrease in lean (muscular) mass If the protein intake is insufficient, weight loss starts with lean (muscular) mass before fat.

For how long should I take protein after my bariatric surgery?

It is your doctor who can specify it according to your diet and your need. But you can easily understand that this intake is necessary as long as you can not eat the 60gr of daily protein needed. (A 100gr steak = 20 gr of protein)

In what type of dish can I mix FORTILINE?

The high solubility of FORTILINE and its true neutral taste allow mixing in many sweet or salty preparations. You can mix it in purees, soups, salads, vegetables, compotes, yogurt, fruit salad, cold or hot drinks.

I am already taking a casein protein powder. What is the difference with FORTILINE?

FORTILINE is produced by microfiltration (without chemicals) based on Whey Isolate. This source of protein has the distinction of being fast digestion (less than 2 hours), unlike casein which is slow digestion (about 7 hours). Your food intake being split, this allows you to complete all your meals, without working your digestive system permanently.


What is the microbiota?

In a simplified way, we often mean by the term microbiota all microorganisms (bacteria, fungi ...) found in our intestinal flora (or urinary) and our stomach. This flora is made up of friendly bacteria that defend our organism and play a role in the digestive, metabolic, immune and neurological functions.

What is a prebiotic?

A food has a prebiotic effect if it promotes the growth or activity of intestinal bacteria beneficial to our health. The INULINE contained in helycut is a prebiotic

HELYCUT is a complex of prebiotic, cranberry and zinc. Cranberry is a North American berry known for its rich antioxidants and its action on the bacteria of the intestine, stomach, and urinary sphere. It contributes to eliminate bacteria such as helicobacter pilory or escherichia coli. Its action is reinforced when it is associated with a prebiotic. Inulin is a prebiotic that promotes the development of good bacteria in our body. Zinc has many virtues, it contributes in particular to healing, the normal functioning of the immune system, protection against oxidative stress.

How should I take HELYCUT?

Helycut is to be taken at a rate of 1 sachet in a large glass of water 2 times a day in case of crisis (heartburn, cystitis ...) and 1 time per day as a preventive treatment. Minimum duration 2 weeks