* Request for an opinion sent on March 20, 2019 to a sample of 2300 customers subscribing to the products of the SANTINOV OBESITY range.

* Find here the entirety of the opinions received, certified and verified, without any modification.


Françoise B.

I am very happy with SURGILINE.

Anne Marie V.

I’ve been taking this in tablet form since July 2017. It’s very easy to swallow and has no particular taste. I would recommend it. I receive them in the mail without having to make a request and I always have some to hand. I had the opportunity to contact SANTINOV, the service was good as well as the responses to my questions.

Dominique H .

Good product
Always at your disposal

Valérie R.

Great product recommended by my surgeon which effectively complements vitamin deficiencies. My blood test results have been very good for the last 2 years.

Bernard B.

Very well I take this medicine since the operation of the stomach in June 17 and everything is fine I'm in great shape

Viviane D.

Great product. I don't like conditioning, I preferred the one before before in small pots. Much more practical.

Santinov answers you:
Viviane, Thank you for your return. This new packaging is much safer in terms of hygiene, and preserving the intrinsic qualities of the tablets, without being in contact with the air. Moreover, it allows you to know where you are in your complementation more simply.

Bernard S.

Hello, here, 2 1/2 years I take SURGILINE, 1 tablet morning / 1 tb evening I started for 6 months SURGILINE powder, I had trouble absorbing it ... I have contacted SANTINOV, to know if I can change it, take it in tablet with the agreement of the surgeon, it's been 2 years that I take the tablet it suits me very well

Francine C.

I've been using SURGILINE for a few years, right after my bypass. This is much simpler and more convenient than the treatment given by the surgeon. I'm in good shape.

Claude V.

I am very satisfied and I highly recommend Surgiligne post bariatric intakes

Géraldine G.

Very well

Christophe A.

I am very happy to announce that since 2011 the date of my operation, I take your complementary vitamin and I am satisfied and I certify that I have not received any favor to note this. Thanks and good luck

Anne Marie M.

In my opinion, dietary supplements are essential after bariatric surgery. The proposed subscription solution is perfect. It allows you to have your tablets regularly without worrying about picking them up and the price is quite competitive. To recommend .... It was the surgeon himself who offered me this interesting solution!

Evelyne G.

Surgiline tablets are very easy to swallow. Without any smell and without disagreeable taste. I have been taking them for 5 years and I am very happy with them.

Rachel B.

After having a sleeve gastrectomy on 22 May 2018, I started taking Surgiline straight away and after 2 checks with the endocrinologist, there were no signs of deficiencies. I find the new white tablets are easier to take. I still take them now.

Isabelle F.

I am completely satisfied, not to worry every month at the pharmacy. And it's less expensive to go directly through society. They respect shipments every 3 months. Delighted for me for 2 years.

Eva B.

I regularly take 2 tablets in the morning and I feel noticeably less tired. I would strongly recommend them.

Jean Luc V.

completely satisfied with both vitamins and the subscription system The Santinov laboratory is very serious

Karine E.

very good complement and I wanted to thank you for your changes in taste and smell it's much more pleasant to swallow

Santinov answers you:
Karine, indeed, our new white tablets, without smell or taste, seem to be unanimous among our customers. The slightly reduced size is also an undeniable advantage. Thank you for your trust.

Sylvie G.

After being operated on in 2009, I now take Surgiline tablets twice a day, every day. I stopped taking them for 6 months and changed to an off-the-shelf food supplement and started to feel constantly tired. Twice a year, I have a follow-up with an endocrinologist and twice a year I undergo a comprehensive blood analysis. The only time my analysis came back as abnormal was when I was not taking Surgiline

Elisabeth L.

since my bypass in January 2016 I take two tablets a day from Surgiline and my blood test results are perfect. no criticism. Just after surgery I took Surgiline in sachets, as soon as I contacted the laboratory by email to modify my treatment and to receive Surgiline in tablets the change was made, and since, every 3 months, I receive my treatment without any problem. Thanks to the Santinov laboratory

Sylvie C-S.

SANTINOV offers a subscription system that allows you to receive your pills without having to think about it ... you do not have to order every month at the risk of being out of time and staying several days without treatment!

Nadège R-B.

I'm satisfied with this medicine and the company that sends them to us because at the level of the sendings are very regular and fast. this drugs for a bypass for me and very very well

Dominique L.

nothing to say quality speed no worries renew tiptop Small flat there is on the market a food supplement cheaper and identical with more important dosage why not increase the dosage per tablet as zinc your competitor

Santinov answers:
Dominique, Thank you for your comments. We do not know what product you are talking about. On the other hand, we can tell you that, first of all, SURGILINE gives excellent results for more than 10 years and that the quantity does not always reflect the quality of the complementation. Our product SURGILINE with the forms of minerals used, and magnesium in important quantity allows a synergy between the elements, and a strong assimilation .. Then Dominique, SURGILINE is the only multivitamin product of this type to include a double supplementation with all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, and a magnesium dosage of 300mg / day. Magnesium is an essential ally to your body after an intervention of this type.

Monique V.

I should be able to compare, but I continue to follow the prescription of surgiline made by my surgeon. However in case of regular hair loss (this is very often the case in the first year) the vitamin needed to fight against is not sufficiently dosed. So buy a supplement. The subscription is the solution: we do not have to worry about the date of renewal and we receive the treatment for 3 months directly in our mailbox without being more expensive than in pharmacy.

Patrick L C.

I take Surgiline since my operation, no problem. All is well, no health concerns

Sylvie D.

it's necessary to take care of our body and especially to take the vitamins not to miss vitamins

Martine C.

no problem with this supplement. furthermore with the subscription system I worry of nothing every 3 months I'm taking on my account and 3 or 4 days after I receive my compléménts here is my temoignage I do not know if it will be useful but I do it with pleasure

Céline A.

Operation four years ago 2 surgiligne a day blood analysis always ok and rarely sick ?????? Service dedicated to its customers !!